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MP3 recordings listed on this page have been selected by EFL / ESL teachers of the English Specialist Group on the purpose of helping language teachers and students with finding good MP3 resources both for studies and entertainment.

Complete albums and separate songs can be downloaded alike. Every song is encoded at 256 kilobits per second, which gives high audio quality at a manageable file size.

Kids Nursery Rhymes and Other Songs - Volume 5
by The Goanna Gang
Columbia River Group Entertainment
40 Favorite Songs For Kids
by various artists
(Alphabet Song, If You're Happy and You Know It, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Six Little Ducks, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc.)
English Folk Songs
by various artists
(The Golden Vanity Jez Lowe, Ratcliffe Highway Roy Harris, Young and Single Sailor Linda Adams, etc.)
English Pub Songs - Songs of The U.K
by Barry O'Dowd & The Shamrock Singers
(There Is A Tavern in the Town, Cruising Down the River, Daisy Bell, Down at the Old Bull & Bush, Auld Lang Syne, etc.)

More to follow soon...

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