Simple Present vs Present Progressive  (1)


 1  She (go) out at weekends.

 2  I (sit) on a chair and (eat) a banana.

 3  It (snow) in winter. It (not snow) now.

 4  Tony usually (get) up at seven.

 5  The sun always (shine) in Egypt.


 6  We (learn) English now. We usually (learn) in the afternoon.

 7  Bad students never (work) hard. (you, like) hard work?

 8  She usually (sing) in English, but today she (sing) in French.

 9  Mother always (cook) in the morning. Today she (make) roast beef.

10  you (sleep) now? - No, I (not sleep) so early in the evening.


11  The sun (rise) in the east and (set) in the west.

12  I (wear) a coat because the sun (not shine) now.

13  She always (meet) me on the corner of this street.

14  Architects (make) the plans of buildings.

15  The baby (cry) because he is hungry now.


16  I (spend) this weekend in Worthing. I (go) there almost every week.

17  Peter (travel) to Paris tomorrow.

18  It (be) very cold now. Do you think it (freeze)?

19  Dora usually (not take) sugar in her tea.

20  I'm busy. I (write) a letter. I often (write) letters at night.


21  Sheila (sit) on the balcony now. She (sit, usually) there after lunch.

22  I (play, never) football with the children, we (play, always) hockey.

23  you (see) the bus now? - Yes, I (think) it (stand) at the corner.

24  Peter (not, go) to school on Mondays.

25  What you (do)? - I (be) a film star.


26  What you (do)? - I (make) the sandwiches for the party.

27  My sister (go, often) to the cinema with her friend.

28  you (want) a chocolate cream or a cream pudding? -- I (take) both.

29  Dora (not, take, always) an umbrella with her when it (rain).

30  we (go) swimming this weekend? I (hope) the weather (be) fine.



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