Our Flat

(project work - elementary level)

1 Look at the list. Where can you find these things?

armchair, fridge, soap, towel, bookcase, sink, wash-basin,

televiision, lamp, brush, cupboard, plate, pan, desk, mirror,

shelf, glass, computer, cooker, shower, flower, picture


2 Make groups of words:

LIVING-ROOM: armchair, shelf, ___________________________


KITCHEN: fridge, cooker, _______________________________


BATHROOM: soap, ______________________________________


MY ROOM: ___________________________________________


3 Write a few more words to each group.


4 Write 9-10 sentences about your room:

In my room I've got _________________

There is a _____________ by the window, and _____________________

My bed is in the corner, and _________________________



5 Describe another room in your flat in the same way.


6 Draw the plan of your flat with all the furniture in it on a large sheet of paper. Mark the rooms and pieces of furniture with numbers.


7 Work in groups or pairs, and discuss one another's plans.


We've got the television on a shelf. And you?

Do you like your desk in the corner? Mine is at the window.

I haven't got a radio in my room. But I've got my walkman.

Our bathroom is not very large, but we've got a separate toilet.



8 Look up ads selling or letting flats in a newspaper, and bring them to the class.


9 a/ Write an ad to sell or let your flat.


9 b/ Make a list: what to check when buying a flat?


10 Act out dialogues using the ads and your lists.


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