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Asking the way

(elementary level)

Study and act out the following dialogues:


- Excuse me!

- Yes?

- Can you tell me the way to the post office, please?

- Certainly. Take the first street on the left, then the second on the right.

- First on the left, second on the right...

- That's right.

- Thanks a lot.



- Excuse me. How can I get to the railway station, please?

- Go down this road, then take the second street on the left.

- Is it far from here?

- Oh, no. It's just five minutes' walk.

- Thank you very much.



- Excuse me. Where is the nearest bank here?

- It's round the corner over there, opposite the supermarket.



- How can I get to the Hilton Hotel, please?

- Keep straight on, then turn left at the first crossroads.



- Is there a chemist's shop near here?

- Ah, yes. Walk down this street, and take the second turning on the right. The chemist's is not far from the corner, next to a pub.



- Can you tell me the way to the museum, please?

- Well, go as far as the church, then walk down Park Street. The museum is there, in the middle of the park.



- How can I get to the airport, please?

- Go as far as the traffic lights, then turn right and keep straight on.



- Can you tell me how I can get to the National Gallery, please?

- Take a 45 bus and at the fifth stop change for a 67 tram. Get off at the third stop.



- Excuse me. Is there a photoshop near here?

- Ah, yes, there is one at Hillyard Station.

- How can I get there?

- Go across the bridge, then take the third turning on the left, then the fourth on the right. Hillyard Station is there, behind the church.

- Is it far?

- Well, it isn't very near...

- Can I take a bus?

- Certainly. Take a 59 bus and get off at the fifth stop.

- Thank you.

- That's all right.

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