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(pre-intermediate level)


Study and act out the following dialogues:



- Good morning. What can I do for you?

- I'd like a pullover.

- What colour would you like?

- Brown, perhaps.

- How do you like this one?

- It's very nice. But I think it's too big.

- Here's a smaller one.

- I like it. How much is it?

- Sixteen pounds ninety.

- Well, it's a bit expensive.

- But it's very nice.

- All right, I'll take it.



- Good morning, miss. Can I help you?

- I'd like to buy a pair of jeans.

- Blue or any other kind?

- Blue and stonewashed, please.

- What size do you take?

- Well, I don't know exactly. Medium size.

- All right, miss, look at these jeans. Do you like them?

- Ah, this pair is lovely. But it seems too large.

- How about this one?

- I like it. How much is it?

- 27 pounds.

- Can I try it on?

- Yes. The fitting box is over there.

- I think I'll take it.

- All right. I'll wrap it up. Will you pay at the counter over there, please?



- Excuse me, how much is this blue shirt?

- Nine pounds, sir.

- And that green one?

- Seven, but I'm afraid it's not your size.

- Don't worry, I want one for my brother. He's eighteen, and he likes bright colours.

- How about this purple one with pink stars on it?

- Oh no, that's too wild. I think I like the green one. Will you wrap it up for me?

- Certainly, sir. Anything else?

- No, thanks. Do I pay here?

- Yes, if you please.



- Can I help you?

- Well, I'm just looking.

- Are you looking for anything in particular?

- No, not really. I'll perhaps buy some presents.

- How about these folklore dolls? Or do you like these cups with the queen on them?

- No, thanks, I'd like something personal. Let me look round first.




- Good morning. Can I help you?

- Give me a loaf of bread and a litre of milk, please.

- Here you are. Anything else?

- I'd like a piece of cheese. Have you got sausages?

- Yes, we have. How many would you like?

- Two pairs, please.

- Here you are.

- How much is it altogether?

- Six pounds fifty.

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

- Good-bye.



- Good morning. What can I do for you?

- I'd like a kilo of bread and a litre of milk.

- I'm sorry, miss, but we haven't got any bread. Would you like rolls?

- Oh yes, six rolls, please. And two croissants.

- Here you are. Anything else(tm)

- 250 grams of cheese, please. Have you got salami?

- Yes, we have. And we've got fresh sausages, too.

- Then give me 200 grams of sausages, please.

- Here you are.

- Thank you. Good-bye.



- Excuse me. How much is a bottle of coke?

- The two litre bottle is one pound ten.

- And a bottle of Sprite?

- It's the same price.

- Then I'll take a bottle of Sprite and six bottles of beer, please.

- What brand would you like?

- Four bottles of Amstel and two bottles of Holsten lager, please.

- Anything else?

- I want a packet of cigarettes and some crisps. Have you got sticks?

- Of course, we have.

- How much is it?

- 80p a packet.

- Two packets, please. How much is it altogether?

- Four pound twenty.

- Here you are.

- Thank you. Good-bye.



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