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Restaurant / Café

(pre-intermediate level)


Study and act out the following dialogues:


- A coffee please.

- Black or white, madam?

- Black, please.

- With sugar or without?

- Without sugar, please. But I'd like some cream.

- Here you are. Anything else?

- I'd like a cake.

- Chocolate or fruit cake?

- Have you got strawberry cake?

- Certainly, madam, here you are.

- Thank you.



- The menu, please.

- Here you are, sir. Would you like a starter?

- No, thank you. I'd like steak.

- Sorry, but we only have chicken.

- I'll have grilled chicken then.

- And what vegetables would you like?

- Peas and rice, please.

- Anything to drink?

- A pint of beer, please.

- Just a minute.



W: Good evening. Can I help you?

A: Good evening. We'd like a table by the window.

W: Certainly, sir. Follow me please. Here you are, a nice table for two.

A: Thank you. The menu, please.

W: Here you are. Can I bring you some soup first?

A: Oh no, thanks. I don't care for soup. And you, dear?

B: Well, I'd like bean soup. Are the beans fresh?

W: Of course, miss. We've got fresh green beans in the soup.

B: All right. And then I'll have a veal chop with mashed potatoes.

W: And you, sir?

A: I'll have veal cutlets in bread crumbs and cucumber salad.

W: Would you like rice or potatoes with the meat?

A: Some French fries please.

W: And what would you like to drink? We have excellent Spanish wine...

B: Well, I never drink wine. Have you got lemon squash?

W: Of course, we have. And for you, sir?

A: I think I'll have some beer.

W: Bitter or stout?

A: A pint of bitter, please.

W: Certainly, sir. Anything else? Coffee or dessert perhaps?

A: No, thank you. That's all for the moment.



- Is this table free?

- I'm sorry, sir, this table is reserved, but that one by the window is free.

- What a pity! I wanted to be away from the window. Still, it doesn't matter, I'll take it... The menu, please.

- Here you are, sir.

- Now, let's see... I think I'll start with a grapefruit juice. Then I'll see what to eat.

- Here is the juice, sir. Are you ready to order now?

- Well, yes. First I'll have a mixed salad and some shrimps.

- And to follow, sir?

- Could you recommend something?

- Ah, yes. I suggest fried pork with orange sauce. That's the speciality of the restaurant.

- Oh, no, thank you, I don't like pork.

- How about some fish?

- Well, I had fish for lunch. But I see grilled chicken on the menu. I think I'll take grilled chicken.

- Very well, sir. And which vegetables would you like?

- Baked potatoes, please. And peas.

- Sorry, but we haven't got baked potatoes at the moment. Wouldn't you mind mashed potatoes with the chicken?

- All right. And I'll take some plums. Are they fresh?

- Oh, no, sir, not in this season. We store them deepfrozen.

- Never mind, I'll try them.

- Anything to drink, sir?

- I'd like a glass of white wine.

- Dry or sweet?

- Dry, please. And some mineral water.

- Certainly. What sweets would you like?

- I'll have an icecream, please.

- Would you like coffee?

- Yes, please.

- Black or white?

- Black, please.

- Is that all, sir?

- Yes, that's all for the moment.



- Good morning. Can I help you?

- Give me a loaf of bread and a litre of milk, please.

- Here you are. Anything else?

- I'd like a piece of cheese. Have you got sausages?

- Yes, we have. How many would you like?

- Two pairs, please.

- Here you are.

- How much is it altogether?

- Six pounds fifty.

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

- Good-bye.



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