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At the Hotel

(intermediate level)


Study and act out the following dialogues:


- Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?

- I'd like a single room with a bath for two nights.

- Did you book in advance?

- Oh, no, I didn't know I'd come to this town.

- Well, let me see... Sorry, sir, we're rather full up, I can give you a room with a shower only.

- All right, I'll take it. How much is it per night?

- 37 pounds, breakfast included.

- Can I have continental breakfast?

- Yes, of course. Will you fill in the registration form, please?

- Here you are.

- All right, sir, here's your key. Room 215 on the second floor. The boy will show you up.

- Thank you.



- Good. evening. My name is Swanson, Peter Swanson. I reserved a room in your hotel by phone.

- Good evening, Mr Swanson. A double room with a bath, as I remember.

- Yes, overlooking the sea, if possible.

- We have some nice rooms on the fifth floor, if it suits you.

- Well, yes, if there is a lift.

- Of course, there is. Are you going to spend the whole week here?

- Yes, we'll leave on Sunday.

- Very good, sir. Would you fill in this form, please?

- Here you are. Is breakfast included in the price?

- Oh yes, English or continental, as you choose.

- Well, my wife's on a diet...

- No problem, sir. You can order breakfst by the menu, too.

- Is there a fitness room in the hotel?

- Yes, and a swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts...

- Can we use them free?

- Yes, it's included in the price.

- All right, can I have our key?

- Here you are, sir. The boy will show you up to your room.



- Good evening. Can I have a single room for one night, please?

- With a bath or without?

- A shower would do.

- Will the top floor be all right? 29 pounds for a night.

- Do you have compulsory breakfast in the price?

- We can cut off two pounds if you don't have breakfast.

- All right, I'll take the room with no breakfast, please.

- Will you register, please? Here's the form. Room 521.

- Here you are. Is there room service in your hotel?

- Of course, there is. Just pick up the phone and dial 01.

- When do I have to check out?

- Not later than eleven, please.

- O.K. Is this my key?

- Yes, sir. Good night, sir.



- Good evening, miss. What can I do for you?

- Well, can I have a single room with a shower for tonight, please?

- Have you got a reservation?

- No, I'm afraid I haven't.

- Well, I'll see what we have. Oh, yes, we've got one facing the park.

- Oh, great. Which floor is it on?

- On the fifth, but don't worry, there's a lift.

- Is there a telephone in the room?

- Oh, yes. There is one in every room.

- And a television?

- I'm sorry, miss, there isn't.

- How much does it cost?

- ?45 per night, including tax and service.

- Haven't you got anything cheaper?

- I'm afraid we haven't. We are fully booked for weeks ahead.

- Well, I'll take it then. There's nothing else to do?

- May I see your passport, please?

- Here you are.

- Will you sign the hotel register?... Fine. Here's your key and the boy over there will see to your luggage.

- Thank you. Er... when does the restaurant close?

- At eleven. But the bar is open until two at night.

- And what time can I have breakfast?

- Between seven and ten. But there is room service round the clock.

- Great. There's one more thing. Would you wake me at eight, please?

- Certainly, miss. Good night.




- I'd like to see the manager, please.

- I'm sorry, but he's busy right now. Could you wait a little?


- Excuse me. Can I see you for a moment?

- Certainly. Is there anything the matter?

- Well, I don't like to complain, but there are several things I'm not very happy about.

- Are there? I'm so sorry about that.

- You see, I can't get the window open in my room and there are no clean towels in the bathroom. The tap drips and there are no clothes hangers in the wardrobe. There's no hot water in the shower and the phone is out of order. The TV doesn't work and ther

re comes too much noise from the bar at night. There isn't a plug for my razor and the shutter has broken down.

- Oh, dear, I'm awfully sorry. This has never happened before. You see, we've recently had a turnover in the staff. I'll get somebody to put things in order and I'll see that this doesn't happen again.

- Could you get a plumber to fix the sink in the bathroom?

- Of course, miss. And we'll replace the broken mirror in no time.

- I need an electrician, too, because the lights won't work.

- Don't worry, I'll get things right as soon as possible.

- Please send a cleaner to remove the filthy carpets. And I'd like a bottle of mineral water to be brought to my room. And an extra blanket.

- Certainly, miss.



Translate the following sentences into your language:

We'd like to take a room overlooking the sea.


Double or single?


A double one with a shower, if possible.


Sorry, we're rather full up. We've run out of rooms with showers. But I can give you one with a bath on the fourth floor.


Does it overlook the sea?


Yes, there's a beautiful view from here.


All right. Does the price include breakfast?


Yes, English or continental breakfast as you like.

Will you fill in the registration form, please?


Here you are. I'll take the room for five days.

Is there a lift in the hotel?


Of course, there is. The boy will take your luggage and show you up to the room.


What time does the restaurant open?


It works round the clock. But hot food is served only from 11 to 2 and 6 to 11 p.m.


Is there music in the restaurant?


No, sir, only in the bar. From 8 to 2 p.m.


Very good. I mean I hate music.

Can you recommend any entertainment in addition to the beach and the swimming pool?


Certainly, sir. There are lots of things like that in the town here.

There will be, for example, a Punch and Judy show for children in the park tomorrow afternoon. Or there's the ghost castle in the neighbouring village on the hill. There you find something interesting every day.



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