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  • Parachuting, gliding, skin diving and croquet are combat sports.
  • There is no difference between rowing and canoeing, both are water sports.



  • Parachuting and gliding are aerial sports (air sports).
  • Skin diving, surf riding and hockey are not typical winter sports.



  • Boxing, judo and wrestling are considered to be combat sports.
  • Shot-putters and hammer-throwers never take part in track and field events.



  • Track and field events are special kinds of indoor sports.
  • The high jump and the javelin throw are track and field events.



  • Track and field events have nothing to do with athletics.
  • 'Fencing' is the popular name of free-style wrestling.



  • A boxing contest cannot be called a 'boxing match' in English.
  • The loser by a knockout will be counted out by the referee.



  • A hook to the head is as illegal as a punch below the belt in boxing.
  • Fencing, sabre fencing and щpщe are three names for one single thing.



  • Soccer is the short name for 'association football'.
  • Rugger means 'rugby football'.



  • Rugby players mustn't handle the ball, they may only kick it.
  • The only difference between baseball and rugby is in the number of players.



  • There are two linesmen to help the referee at a football match.
  • The linesmen move along the touchline, while the referee is on the field.



  • Football matches always start with a penalty kick.
  • After a rough tackle or some other foul there is a kick-off.



  • The referee has the right to book or send off a footballer.
  • Footballers can be forwards, defenders, midfielders or goalkeepers.



  • A game that's neither lost nor won is called a draw.
  • A game played and won on your own ground is called a home-win.



  • Golf, cricket, croquet, bowling, table tennis and badminton are games.
  • So are billiards, pool and snooker.



  • English people don't make any difference between hockey and ice hockey.
  • Table tennis is not considered to be an indoor sport in England.



  • The only way to get a point in badminton is pushing the ball into a hole.
  • The place where you start playing for a hole in golf is called the tee.



  • Badminton is a game played with rackets and shuttlecocks across a high net.
  • You shouldn't let the ball touch the ground when playing volley-ball.



  • Polo is the short name for water-polo in English.
  • Slalom, cross-country and downhill racing are types of horse races.



  • Dressage, steeplechase, harness racing and hunt are all horse events.
  • Surf riding and hurdle racing have quite a lot of things in common.



  • A vaulting horse is one that draws the sulky at a harness race.
  • Pole-vaulters, hurdlers, shot-putters and javelin-throwers are athletes.



  • A vaulting horse is a device used in apparatus gymnastics.
  • So are parallel bars, asymmetric bars, horizontal bars, beams and rings.



  • Slalom, ski-jumping, downhill racing and cross-country are all ski contests.
  • Bobsledding and figure and speed skating are referred to as winter sports.



  • Mountaineering has nothing to do with climbing mountains.
  • It's a heavy kind of military horse racing. It lasts for several days.



  • Jockeys who come last in a horse race are called skeleton riders.
  • A sledge (or sleigh) is a springboard from which divers jump.



  • Skeleton tobogganing and ice-yachting are said to be winter sports.
  • Bowling, archery and darts are often referred to as board games.



  • Chess, draughts, nine men's morris, salta and halma are board games.
  • Pool, snooker and billiards are played on a billiard table.



  • Clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts are suits of cards.
  • Acorns, leaves, hearts and bells (hawk-bells) are German suits.



  • Star, dragon, Flying Dutchman, pirate and Finn dinghy are yacht classes.
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    • A coach is a person who trains athletes or other sportsmen for contests.
    • Oxford and Cambridge universities are famous for their Boat Clubs.



    • It's quite impossible to do water-skiing without the help of a motorboat.
    • When the fighter gives up a boxing match the coach throws in the towel.



    • The Epsom Derby is one of the most important horse races in Britain.
    • Top tennis games are always played in Wembley Stadium, London.



    • Pentathlon is a contest in which competitors take part in five events.
    • These are running, horseback riding, fencing, swimming and shooting.



    • The batsman is a most important person in a tennis team.
    • Cricket is a game where there are eleven people from each team in action.



    • Tennis is a wide-spread outdoor game often played on grass courts.
    • You can't make a bet at a real English greyhound race.



    • Skin-divers don't always use a fishing rod when they want to catch a crab.
    • Gliders don't need a motorboat when they want to take off.



    • Tennis was first included in the 1984 Olympic Games.
    • Epsom is famous for its horse-racing course.



    • You don't usually see cricket matches on British TV, not even in summer.
    • Tennis courts are not open to people under 16 in England.



    • The most popular sports in England are baseball, rowing and dog racing.
    • English weather is seldom suitable for winter sports like skiing.



    • Women weren't allowed to compete in the Olympic Games before 1928.
    • Decathlon consists of pentathlon plus three more events. (E.g. wrestling.)



    • Hurdle races are usually held on large, open-air ice-rinks or on a lake.
    • Wembley Stadium is famous for its tennis courts and golf links.



    • You don't usually play football or cricket on a pitch.
    • Greyhounds are not allowed to take part in English dog races or dog shows.



    • You hit the ball over the net with a bat in tennis.
    • Foils, sabres and щpщes are fencing weapons.


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