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  • The abbreviation 'NHS' stands for Northern Hospital Service (in Britain).
  • The NHS is a state organization offering its patients free medical service.



  • NHS means National Health Service. Not everything is free under the NHS.
  • You must pay a small sum if you go to see a doctor in his surgery.



  • You don't have to pay anything if you go to a doctor in England.
  • Your stay in hospital, your treatment and any operations are free, too.



  • Every working person pays a weekly contribution to the NHS in Britain.
  • You've got to pay a small amount when a doctor prescribes you some medicine.



  • You've got to pay the full cost of the treatment at the dentist's in Britain.
  • But you don't always pay when you have your dentures repaired.



  • Foreigners have always got to pay for staying in hospital in Britain.
  • If they've got ill by accident, they pay half the cost of the treatment.



  • If a foreigner gets ill in England, he hasn't got to pay for the treatment.
  • But you must pay if you go to England with the purpose of being cured.



  • Pregnant mothers get free care in England before their baby is born.
  • But they have to pay for any treatment a month after the child's birth.



  • Abortion is strictly prohibited by the British government.
  • When you die, your family will get a small sum under the NHS in Britain.



  • There are no private surgeries in England, except for dentists'.
  • You don't have to pay the full cost of glasses under the British NHS.


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