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Smile (Egypt)

In our life there are many words we belive in and do our best to achieve it and make it truth. Some people believe that these words are money authority and powerful but I believe that these words are friendship, love and Success.

About friendship I think that this word has a great meaning; it means happiness, safety and truth. A friend is not just a person who has your secrets but he is a feeling of happiness, trust because you have a friend love him and trust in him. It is a very good thing when you do your best to make your friend happy and when you and your friend unite to solve your problems. When the years go on and we became very old we will remember our good days and bad days we also remember how we united to solve our problems. So we have to teach our children the real meanig of friendship and how they can make friends.

About love: many people believe that this word means a good relation between man and woman but I think that this word means good relation between many people. It is a good relation between father and mother, between mother and her children, between father and his children, between friends, neighbours. To achieve this word and make it truth we must wish good things to each other and forget any bad things done between each other.

About success: I think that this word has many meanings. It means happiness and satisfaction.

I wil be successful when I build a house for my family, when I teach my children how to love each other, when I teach them the real meaning of love, friendship, truth, satisfaction and the love of God, when I teach them how to depend on themselves and how to be good fathers and mothers, when I teach them how to reach to high position step by step and how to collect money by good way. Finally when I teach them the real meaning of dignity and freedom.


Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge

Vígh Róbert

Yesterday the Bergengotian Parliament rejected the plans of a new bridge, which would be built in Bustal, in the Capital of the country.

The right wing wanted to construct it to solve the traffic problem in the city. The Anarchist government didn't support it because they thought it would bring a little order to people's life. As the head of the right wing informed our reporter, it would be also a symbol of the new trend in policy, which would give work to people and also improve the country and would make our way to the world union much easier. He sharply criticised the present government saying that Bakunyin and Proudhon were sheer idiots when they established anarchism in world policy, and this government turned everything upside down in this country by copying everything that was written in Fourier's book.

The Prime Minister refuted everything that the leader of the opposition said. In his oppinion the new bridge would block boat- transport on the river, and it would put an end to oil import, and this would execute the people who live in Bustal.

No sooner had the Prime Minister finished his speech than an independent representative mentioned she had never seen a boat on the river and a car on the street, because they had banned the traffic there about 60 years before.


Childhood Memories

(Péter, 16)

As I remember, when I was a child, summers always had a great impression on me. In summer I was always free from school, I didn't have anything special to do, and we were always on holiday at a quiet place.

I enjoyed being in the hills. We usually stayed at a small country house, we had a rest for weeks, and I could do what I liked for most of the time.

Once I and four of my friends went on an excursion. We started early in the morning and left the village on a tourist way. We wanted to get to another small village. The sun was shining hot and the road seemed too long. One of my friends said that he knew a shorter way through the forest. We all agreed to cut the way and go through the unknown forest.

We had a wonderful walk there. We walked in the shade, we heard the birds singing and we saw small animals in the forest. As we crossed a group of dense bushes, we found the ruins of an old forest house. The wooden walls were pulled down, there wasn't a roof, and all kinds of old things lay around in the weeds. The place was abandoned and so lonely that we wanted to get away from there very fast.

Fortunately, we got out of the wood soon, and we luckily got to our destination. I will always remember childhood memories like this.


The Cat and the Mice

Vígh Róbert

Once upon a time there was a Cat, which lived in a small house, where there were a lot of little mice. Not only did they live on the master, but they also ate everything up from the larder. At first the smallholder and his family didn't notice the "burglaries", but later, when the mice started to over-populate, their nerves were on all edge.

One day, our tomcat received an order: he should catch the mice, or if he didn't, he could go somewhere else. For this reason, he stuffed himself into the hole of the mice, and ate them one after each other. Seldom could some lucky mouse come out of the cat's claws with a whole skin. After this tragic "slaughtering", the old leader of the group convoked a consultation. Everybody agreed on the following: under no circumstances should they duel with the rapacious. Instead of that, they should choose the peaceful solution: they had to change their residence, and move up to the loft.

Undoubtedly it was a great idea, but the cat overheard the mice's consultation, started to think about what he could do so as to be harmful for his little enemies. Some minutes later he started the action. No sooner had they finished moving, than he turned up in the corner, and jumped up to the wall. He hung himself up on the wall with a wooden peg, and waited and waited. He thought: if a suspectless mouse came, he would jump on it, and catch it.

But the mice didn't come. They knew it well, it was just a stall trick. They laughed at the cat, which came to grief.

This fable is about clever people's way of thinking. Stupid people can't notice when get cheated. But if somebody is clever, they won't get cheated next time because they won't believe the deceitful promises. It's a great problem about people, when they are sometimes more idiotic than the animals. Because if a donkey has a fall (because of a pit, for example) you won't be able to drive it there again. But people always believe the evil.



(Brigi, 18)

By travelling you can get into the middle of life. It is not like reading a book or watching a film, it is much more. You can learn from books and films, you can have an impression about different countries and people from them, but when you travel, you get into the middle of things, you don't only see them, but you can also touch them.

The close contact with people and with the countryside is the most important thing in travelling. Meeting different kinds of people and exploring places that are unknown for you improve your personality and widens your sight of the world. You learn a lot from everybody that you meet and everything that you see. You learn about all kinds of things: culture, human behaviour, geography, history, ethnography, etc. And you also learn a lot about yourself: you can see what you do, how you behave in strange and unfamiliar situations, at new and unknown places.

If you travel to foreign countries, you can do the same with the outer, wider world. And travelling abroad is the best way of learning languages. It is not only that you communicate with native speakers in a foreign language, it is also that you can feel the atmosphere in which the language is spoken, which you cannot experience at home.

In one word, travelling is an easy way of learning and improving your mind.


TV's Educational Purpose

(Szonya, 18)

Television may have a very important role in education, but speaking of 'purpose' is a different thing.

Certainly there are TV programmes with the definite purpose of teaching people, for example language teaching programmes, documentaries, films about nature and animals, programmes for young women with small babies, etc., but I think the purpose of television is more entertaining and informing people than education.

The films, cartoons, different show and musical programmes, theatre performances and other things, which you can watch on TV every day, are definitely for entertainment only. And the news programmes and most of the documentaries, interviews and reports give you nothing more than pure information about events, well-known people or the weather and things like that. For all the more, most of the TV channels supply you with a heap of advertisements and commercials about uninteresting products and services, which is anything but educating people.

Television is, of course, a part of a child's education. It can have a good influence on children or young people, when it shows good examples to them in films, cartoons or other programmes, or it provides real and true information about things and events in life. But if there are mostly thrillers, horror and crime stories and action films where blood and shooting is all around, it does not do any good to education. Children may learn violence from those programmes, they can lose control of themselves and they may not be able to make difference between right and wrong.


The Mouse and the Trap

(András, 18)

The mouse was not a mouse, but a dormouse.

It was winter, so he was sleeping all day and night under the bed in his bedroom, and he could not hear the doorbell ring when the postman came one day.

The postman, as nobody answered the door, simply put the parcel that he delivered on the doorstep and left.

When the spring came, the mouse (who was rather a dormouse) opened his eyes and yawned, "What a good sleep I had!" And he jumped up and banged his head into the bed as he forgot that he had gone to sleep not in, but under it. "Gosh, this year doesn't start well," he said. Then he went to the kitchen to find out if there was anything to eat.

The parcel was still lying on the doorstep waiting for the doormouse to find it. It had a large orange ribbon around it with a notice, which said, "Be careful, trap inside."

The poor dormouse did not find anything to eat in the kitchen. He was so hungry that he decided to visit the snack bar round the corner.

On opening the door he saw the parcel and he, not looking, immediately untied it, in the hope of finding some food in there.

And the mousetrap in the parcel caught him.


The Busiest Day in My Life

(Gergely, 17)

The busiest day in my life is always my birthday. Then I get up before the sun rises, and first I go into the bathroom to have a refreshing cold bath together with my favourite flowers, which I usually water in the bath tub (except for the cacti). When the morning comes, it finds me singing and whistling in the kitchen preparing the food for my birthday party.

It simply makes me happy to cook for myself on my birthday. I love the smell of burning food and the noise of pots and plates breaking on the floor. I usually make pancakes and pie. I have a special recipe for mince pie: take everything out of the fridge and select the solid things from the liquids first, then mince what can be minced and mash what can be mashed and mix them up carefully, then pour the liquids on the mixture and stir it as long as your hands start to ache. Now just put the whole thing into the hot oven and cook it until the smoke in the kitchen is as thick as good English fog.

When the sink is full of dirty dishes, I start to decorate the rooms. I put lanterns and candles everywhere and I paint he walls bright purple and pink with my father's spray can. When all this is finished, I still have time to prepare my birthday costume. I usually dress in a thick bright tablecloth, which I fasten with a bicycle chain around my waist. I put on my sister's high boots and my grandmother's hat, which has a bunch of flowers on the top and moths flying around the flowers. My make up is very simple: I mix some flour with a glass of water and carefully put it on my face. Now the guests can arrive.

People come to my birthday party with great expectations and they are never disappointed. I greet everybody at the door, take the presents and invite them to the table to taste my food. There is music, there is dancing, and everybody can go home with satisfaction: we had a very good day today. That's the busiest day in my life.



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