Reported Speech

(intermediate level)


These examples may make it easier for you to transform direct speech into reported speech:


'I go to secondary school,' Susy said.

Susy said (that) she went to secondary school.


'I washed the car yesterday.'

She said (that) she had washed the car the day before.


'I'll go to the cinema tomorrow.'

She said (that) she would go to the cinema the next day.


'We were at the seaside the week before last.'

She said (that) they were at the seaside two weeks before.


'Tony went to Italy five days ago.'

She said Tony had gone to Italy five days before.


'I think we'll have a bicycle trip the day after tomorrow.'

She said she thought they would have a bicycle trip the day after next.


'Where are you going?'

She asked where I was going.


'How long have you been playing the guitar?'

She asked how long I had been playing the guitar.


'Does Peter go out with Mary?'

She asked if Peter went out with Mary.


'Did you visit the museum yesterday?'

She asked if I had visited the museum the day before.


'Will it rain tomorrow?'

She asked if it would rain the next day.


'Open the window, please.'

She asked me to open the window.


'Put the letter in your bag.'

She told me to put the letter in my bag.


'Let's go to the cinema tonight.'

She suggested going to the cinema that night.

(She said that we should go to the cinema that night.)


'Shall we go to the cinema?'

She suggested going to the cinema.

(She asked if we should go to the cinema.)


'Oh, what a lovely day!'

She exclaimed and said what a lovely day it was.


'Can you do it?' - 'Yes, I can.'

I asked if she could do it. She said she could.


'Will you help me?' Peter said. 'No, I'm sorry, I can't,' Susy answered.

Peter asked Susy to help him. Susy said she was sorry but she couldn't.


'Thank you for the lovely evening,' Susy said to Peter.

Susy thanked Peter for the lovely evening.



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