Basic sentence structure (2)

(elementary level)

These tables will help you to understand and practice word order, which is one of the most important things in English grammar.


Past Simple
  The tourists visitedthe museumyesterday.
 Didthe tourists visitthe museumyesterday?
Whatdidthe tourists visit yesterday?
Whatdidthe tourists do yesterday?
Whendidthe tourists visitthe museum ?
  Who visitedthe museumyesterday?
  The touristsdidn'tvisitthe museumyesterday.



Past Simple
  Dora wentto the cinemalast night.
 DidDora goto the cinemalast night?
WhatdidDora do last night?
WheredidDora go last night?
WhendidDora goto the cinema ?
  Who wentto the cinemalast night?
  Doradidn'tgoto the cinemalast night.



Past Simple with modal auxiliary
  Hecouldswimwellwhen he was young.
 Couldhe swimwellwhen he was young?
Howcouldhe swim when he was young?
Whencouldhe swimwell ?
Whatcouldhe do when he was young?
Whatcouldhe dowellwhen he was young?
  Whocouldswimwellwhen he was young?
  Hecouldn'tswimwellwhen he was young.



Past Progressive
  The directorwasreadinga bookby the window.
 Wasthe director readinga bookby the window?
Whatwasthe director reading by the window?
Whatwasthe director doing by the window?
Wherewasthe director readinga book ?
  Whowasreadinga bookby the window?
  The directorwasn'treadinga bookby the window.



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