Grammar points   


Basic sentence structure (1)

(elementary level)

These tables will help you to understand and practice word order, which is one of the most important things in English grammar.

Present Simple
  I likeorange juice.
 Doyou likeorange juice?
Whatdoyou like ?
  Who likesorange juice?
  Idon'tlikeorange juice.



Present Simple
  We goto school.
 Doyou goto school?
Wheredoyou go ?
  Who goesto school?
Whatdoyou do ?
  Wedon'tgoto school.



Present Simple (3rd person singular)
  Tony worksin an office.
 DoesTony workin an office?
WheredoesTony work ?
  Who worksin an office?
WhatdoesTony doin an office?
  Tonydoesn'tworkin an office.



Present Simple (3rd person singular)
  My sister gets upvery early.
 Doesyour sister get upvery early?
Whendoesyour sister get up ?
  Who gets upvery early?
Whatdoesyour sister dovery early?
  My sisterdoesn'tget upvery early.



Present Simple (with modal auxiliary)
 Canshe swimwell?
Howcanshe swim ?
Whatcanshe dowell?



Future Simple
  Mr Tuckwillarrivetomorrow.
 WillMr Tuck arrivetomorrow?
WhenwillMr Tuck arrive ?
WhatwillMr Tuck dotomorrow?
  Mr Tuckwon'tarrivetomorrow.



Present Progressive
  Cathyissleepingin her bedroom.
 IsCathy sleepingin her bedroom?
WhereisCathy sleeping ?
WhatisCathy doingin her bedroom?
  Whoissleepingin her bedroom?
  Cathyisn'tsleepingin her bedroom,



Present Progressive
 Areyou playingtennis?
Whatareyou playing ?
Whatareyou doing ?
  I'm notplayingtennis.


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